Sensory reactivity and mood in autism

What is the purpose of the study?

Autistic people often react differently to sensory inputs, such as being oversensitive to sounds or touch, and sensory reactivity has been linked to mental health symptoms, such as anxiety. We are hoping to investigate sensory perception and the link with other mental health symptoms, namely mood.


To explore the relationship between sensory symptoms and mood in autistic teenagers.

Participants needed:

This study is looking for: • Autistic teenagers • Carers or family members of autistic teenagers with few to no words


We will explore how our responses to sensory stimuli (e.g. lights, sounds and touch) can impact the way we feel. The study involves completing an online survey and being asked about mood. The study will take approximately 1 hour. Participants will receive £10 for their time, and go in the draw to win £50.

To get involved contact Tim Rossow: