Dr Evangelos Delivopoulos
School of Biological Sciences

Dr. Evangelos Delivopoulos is a lecturer in Systems Engineering and Neuroscience Interfaces. He received an M.Eng. in electrical and computer engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2003. He also received a M.Sc. in Informatics and a Ph.D. in Neural Engineering from the University of Edinburgh in 2004 and 2008 respectively. In the University of Cambridge he developed a soft neural interface to restore bladder control in incontinent canines, aiming to provide viable long term bladder management for patients with spinal cord injury. In the University of Nottingham he investigated stem cell differentiation in tubular hydrogel scaffolds, modelling the formation of the neural tube and revealing potential regeneration strategies after spinal cord injury. His research interests include neuralisation of stem cells, neuronal network formation in biocompatible hydrogels and interfacing compliant microelectrodes with the peripheral nervous system.

Academic Appointments

Lecturer in Systems Engineering and Neuroscience Interfaces; Admissions Tutor for Biomedical Engineering