Prof Slawomir J Nasuto
School of Biological Sciences

Prof. Slawomir J Nasuto has received an MSc in Mathematics from the University of Marie Curie-Sklodowska in Lublin, Poland in 1993 and a PhD in Cybernetics from University of Reading in 1999. He has been a member of academic staff in School of Systems Engineering at Reading since 2000. His research interests span computational neuroscience and neuroanatomy, analysis of signals generated by the nervous system including EEG, single neuron and multivariate spike trains or EMG and their applications for Brain Computer Interfaces and Animats (robots controlled by neural cultures). He also have research interests in Stochastic Diffusion Search, an algorithm belonging to a family of Swarm Intelligence methods and he has been involved in applications of such techniques in aerospace problems.

Academic Appointments

Director, Brain Embodiment Lab; Professor of Cybernetics; Deputy Research Lead of Biomedical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering Division