Rodrigo Kazu Siqueira
Graduate Student
School of Biological Sciences

Mr. Siqueira De Souza  is a biologist from University of Brazil, who received his M.Sc in Neuroscience in 2013 by the same University. Now, he is doing a Ph.D in Cybernetics at University of Reading, working on the Animat Project (robots controlled by neural cultures).  Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, he has experience in Computational Neuroscience, brain evolution, Bioinformatics (Molecular Docking and Rational Drug Design), Astrobiology and Paleontology (mostly three-dimensional modeling usages and vertebrate paleontology). Here, in BEL, he is dealing with the effects of lesions in neuronal networks, specially, how they disrupt behaviors and how stem cells integrate to restore function. He is also working on biological-inspired complex network models, astrobiology, and public outreach.
Scopus Author ID: 56590059200