Fast and Furious: the nature of strong anticipation


The concept of anticipation synchronisation in coupled systems is being seen as an area of expanding interest; in particular through the influence of a common external stimulus on such coupled systems. There are two types of anticipation, weak and strong anticipation. The future state in weak anticipation is governed by a model and the response of a system can be attributed to the running of the simulation for that model. Strong anticipation relies on the behaviour of past and/or present states and is independent from predictions on the bases of assumptions.

This project will investigate two areas that will aid in understanding the concept of strong anticipation. The first investigation will be the “Variation in the coupling of components on anticipatory ability”, the second “Effect of an external stimulus on slave internal dynamics”.

Project Research Group

Dr. Yoshikatsu Hayashi

Lecturer of Robotics, University of Reading

Prof. Slawomir Nasuto

Professor of Cybernetics, University of Reading

Dr. Mathew Spencer


Funding Body