Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Programme in Climate Justice

  • 2018 Scholars’ Conference
    Over the course of two days this past month the Leverhulme doctoral scholars in climate justice along with guests and external speakers met for the annual Scholars’ Conference: “Climate Change: Dialogue Between Disciplines.” Here, we summarise the speakers’ contributions to the conference and tease out a few threads running through... Read more »
  • Communicating Climate Science in Troubled Times Workshop
    On the 14th November, the Climate Justice programme gathered academics to discuss and share learnings about climate change communication. Climate science is not the easiest thing to talk about in the first place. The science is complex, full of uncertainties, and it’s practically impossible to fully get your head around... Read more »
  • ESRC Festival of Social Science
    On 11th November, the University of Reading hosted an ESRC Festival of Social Science event ‘Climate Justice: can fairness create a green future?’. The broader aims of the festival were to raise awareness of the social science research currently being conducted in the UK, and the Reading event showcased the... Read more »
  • COP23 Day 1: Procedural Problems in the Plenary…
    by Danny Waite Source: UNFCCC Twitter 06/11/2017 Frank Bainimarama, Prime Minister of Fiji, speaking at COP23 opening ceremony on 06/11/2017 At 11am local time in Bonn, Germany, on Monday 6th November, the prime minister of Fiji, Frank Bainimarama officially declared COP23 – the first “island COP” of the UNFCCC... Read more »
  • Just a little bit longer for climate justice in developing countries
    Just a little bit longer for climate justice in developing countries* With the way things stand at the moment, it is now clear that vulnerable groups in developing countries will have to wait a little bit longer to receive the climate justice they deserve through adaptation (see the optimism... Read more »
  • European Consortium for Political Research, Oslo 2017
    On the 7th of September, political scientists and theorists descended upon Oslo for the General Conference of the European Consortium for Political Research. Amongst the many sections exploring myriad topics was one section titled “The Ethics and Politics of Climate Change – Theoretical and Empirical Investigations”. Over the course... Read more »
  • Science, Society and Schnitzel
    From the 24th-18th April, Vienna once again became the temporary home for 14,496 scientists from all over the world, as they gathered for the European Geosciences Union General Assembly, 2017. The week packed in 4,849 oral presentations, 11,312 posters (never before have poster tubes been such a demanded fashion accessory... Read more »
  • Clear Eyed Equity: Setting a Climate Equity and Justice research Agenda
    The Leverhulme climate justice scholars were fortunate enough to be invited in their entirety to a one day workshop in Bonn, entitled “Clear Eyed Equity: Setting a Climate Equity and Justice Research Agenda”. Hosted by the Germany Development Institute, the conference sought to connect academics and practitioners with an... Read more »
  • Climate migration and resettlement workshop: thoughts from the discussions
    The one day workshop, organized by the Climate Change, Culture and Society Cluster in collaboration with the Leverhulme Doctoral Programme in Climate Justice at the University of Reading, had a diverse range of participants from both academia and INGOs working in migration, loss and damage and resettlement of displaced groups... Read more »
  • What’s wrong with Trump’s climate denial?
    By Professor Catriona McKinnon (Director, Leverhulme Programme in Climate Justice) Later this week, a climate denier will become the President of the United States. Donald Trump claims that ‘nobody really knows’ whether climate change is happening, and has asserted in the past that climate change is a hoax. To make... Read more »