Regular meetings

Note that you can see the CINN calendar in your “Shared Calendars” in Outlook, or access full details here in your browser when logged into your UoR account (this gives you access to all appointment details, including location and links to online/hybrid meetings).

To add a meeting to the CINN calendar, simply invite to the calendar event (or forward the event invite).

Alternatively, you can use the form below.

This section gives a brief overview of our regular meeting schedule. For up-to-date details of both our regular and ad hoc meetings, please visit the CINN calendar in the top section of this page.


We often have external speakers and attendees, so the online meeting link changes every week. To join the week’s meeting please visit the CINN calendar or the neuromethods channel in the CINN Community on Microsoft Teams.

If you would like to take a slot for a presentation, please add it to the neuromethods wiki and let neuromethods know

You are welcome to:

  • discuss a paper you found interesting/confusing (post it so we can look at it in advance),
  • present an analysis or data acquisition method you would like to use,
  • show us your latest results (preliminary or otherwise),
  • talk through your data QC for feedback and ideas,
  • practice a poster/talk you will be presenting,
  • present an idea for an experiment (half-baked or fully cooked),
  • do something else that would be useful to your work or personal development.

If there is no scheduled presentation, bring your coffee and the latest gossip / code bug / writing block, for some chocolate-fuelled group therapy.


neurohack brings together neuroscientists at the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics (CINN) to learn and share knowledge about how coding and computer systems tools can support reproducible neuroimaging.

SPCLS Coding Club

The SPCLS Coding Club is an informal way for staff and students within the University of Reading School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences (SPCLS) to advance their knowledge of coding and coding best practices, as well as learn about specific computing resources within the University.

Coding Club Sidebar: This is for general coding questions and chat. For example, a few of us might talk about our raspberry Pi ambitions, or other personal projects we’re interested in. If you have any coding questions come along!

For more info, see the SPCLS coding club website here

The Forum

We meet to discuss theory in an informal setting – no preparation necessary.

Talking through ideas and discussing literature makes us better scientists.

Topics can be related to your work or just an interesting diversion!

You can use the forum to:

  • Tell people about a paper you’ve read
  • Talk through your current interpretation of your data (however rough)
  • Bring an ‘out-there’ idea for a project
  • Describe what you are working on that week
  • Listen to what other people are thinking about

The Forum is occasionally taken-over by CINNergies who invite an external presenter to bring a topic to us.


Work-On-That-Thing-You-Don’t-Want-To-Work-On Time (pronounced wotty’d wot wot)

Join in, video and/or sound on (if you want), and just work on that thing you don’t want to work on. You can tell everyone what demon it is you are slaying, or just work in silence through the most tedious corners of your TODO list.

It’s like when you take a task to the cafe so there’s no escape. It’s like AA, but for procrastinators – it’s PA.

Inspired by an Elliot Berkman tweet.