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The INDIE Study

Intertemporal NeuroDevelopmental InfluEnces in adolescence

Examining the links between physiology, behaviour, and emotion in adolescence. Please visit the study page for more details.

The Gut Brain Axis Study

This project includes two studies, investigating how the gut microbiome influences the brain and behaviour (Study 1) and how taking probiotics that enhance the microbiome affects this relationship (Study 2).

Open to caucasian males 18-50 years of age. For more detailed eligibility criteria, please see the study page.

The Choline Measurement Reliabililty Study

This project involves two 2-hour sessions within the MRI scanner, spaced exactly a week apart. We are using magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) to understand if a specific type of scan is reliable in measuring levels of the neurotransmitter choline.

For more detailed eligibility criteria, please see the study page.

Effects of sugar vs sweetener on the brains reward system

We would be grateful to you if you could assist us by participating in our scanning study examining the effects of sugar and sweeteners on the brains reward system.

Open to right-handed males and females. For more detailed eligibility criteria, please see the study page.

Omega 3 study: Investigating enhancement effects on learning and memory in adolescents aged 13-14 years

This project is investigating the impact of omega 3 supplementation in adolescents aged 13/14 years.

The OYSACO Study

This study investigates the neurological, inflammatory and metabolic effects of acute vegetable intervention in older adults (60-80 years).

The Art Critic Study

Open to right-handed male adults (aged 16+) with or without autism, with normal or corrected-to-normal vision.

GENESIS:- Predicting Outcomes to Experimental Surgery

GENESIS stands for “Genicular artery embolisation for osteoarthritis of the knee”. This study is a interdisciplinary experiment to investigate the use of ’embolisation’ as a surgical treatment for knee osteoarthritis (OA).

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Here at CINN we have research happening all the time, on a variety of different topics, and using different methods to measure your brain. If you’re interested in being a participant in our studies, you can sign up to our participant database and we will let you know about future studies you might be eligible for.