Webinars are becoming more popular, especially in the context of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Below are a selection of relevant webinars and further links to conference and project webinars of interest.

Dynamical Landscape and Multistability of Earth’s Climate
24 Nov 2020
University of Exeter


Fingerprinting Heatwaves and Cold Spells using Large Deviation Theory
6 Nov 2020
NCAS@Reading Seminar

A new Mathematical Framework for Atmospheric Blocking Events
MPE webinars – week 12
26 July 2020


Multistability of the Climate: Noise-Induced Transitions across Melancholia States, Invariant Measure, and Phase Transition
4 July 2019
Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques


Melancholia States in the Climate System: Exploring Global Instabilities and Critical Transitions
3 August 2017
Ecole de Physique des Houches


SIAM MPE 2020 Conference
Please find here the link to the webinars of the Minisymposium 29 of the SIAM MPE 2020 Conference

Please find here the link to the YouTube channel of the MPE webinars.

TiPES project
Please find here the link to the webinars of the Horizon 2020 TiPES project.

Mathematics of Climate and of the Environment
Please find below the link to 90 lectures and seminars given at the recent scientific programme on the Mathematics of Climate and of the Environment co-organised by the CMPE at the Institut Poincaré (Paris, France) during September-December 2019.


Mathematics for the Fluid Earth
Please find here the link to the recorded seminars given at the scientific programme Mathematics for the Fluid Earth co-organised during September-December 2013 the Isaac Newton Institute (Cambridge, UK) by several current members of the CMPE.