Marvellous Mums

Marvellous Mums has brought together researchers and community partners to support disadvantaged women from local communities to recognise their own skills and strengths.

The Aspiration Game

The Aspiration Game is an interactive board game based on snakes and ladders that helped young people consider what factors hindered and supported their aspirations.

Young Researchers’ Home Building

Students from the John Madejski Academy (later to become Young Researchers) discussed and then constructed their conception of an ‘ideal’ home from giant blocks.

Young Whitley Researchers

With collaborative support from the John Madejski Academy, the Young Researchers were set up to mirror the concept of the Whitley Researchers, but represent and give a voice to young people.

Whitley Researchers

The Whitley Researchers is a partnership between Whitley Community Development Association, local residents and the University of Reading. The programme involves local residents in conducting their own research, voicing their own needs and devising solutions to local issues.