Student interns

The project has benefited from the input of a rolling succession of student researchers through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP). UROP offers undergraduate students the chance to gain hands-on...Read More >

Paul Allen

MA FRSA Paul has worked in the secondary education sector for many years and throughout that time has taught art, craft and design. He has been a head of department...Read More >

Sonia Duval

Project co-ordinator Sonia has been a Whitley Researcher since we started in 2014 and she’s been a key member of our team working on all our projects as our community...Read More >

The late John Ord (1945–2021)

Our co-founder and dear colleague, the late John Ord who sadly passed away in November 2021, was from Liverpool, where he claimed he first learnt the three ‘R’s – resistance,...Read More >

Dr Lorna Zischka

Research assistant Lorna’s main contribution to this project is in the area of data analysis, using her training in economics to assure the quality of the research output. A people-centred...Read More >

Dr Sally Lloyd-Evans

Project lead Associate Professor Sally Lloyd-Evans has led the research-side of this project since 2014. Sally writes, “My work is about using participatory research to empower communities to act for social...Read More >