PhD Students

Here is the list of our current PhD students, including links to personal websites for their specific research (publications, working papers, and job market papers). For more information about a potential PhD application, please visit our webpage of Prospective PhD. 

Name Research area Supervisors Student email
Jisan Afrin Uma Kambhampati, Samantha Rawlings
Ruqayya Aljifri Simon Burke, James Reade
Salman Almutawa Hussein Hassan, Stefania Lovo
Alanood Duhaim Alotaibi Simon Burke, James Reade
Reema Altheyab Mark Casson, Simonetta Longhi
Seyhan Aygul Alexander Mihailov
Meshael Batarfi Sport Economics, Development Economics James Reade, Mark Casson
Anisa Butt Giovanni Razzu, Sarah Jewell, Simonetta Longhi
Jim Chen Vivien Burrows, Sarah Jewell
Grivas Chiyaba Development Economics, Multinational Enterprises Mark Casson, Carl Singleton
Andrew Clark International Monetary Policy, Dynamic Systems Alexander Mihailov, James Reade
Waheed Elsharie Stefania Lovo, James Reade
Nurjihan Idris Sarah Jewell, Simonetta Longhi
Abdulaleem Isiaka Fiscal Policy, Income Inequality Alexander Mihailov, Giovanni Razzu
Muayad Ismail International Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy James Reade, Joo Young Jeon
Nathan Jones Simon Burke, Shixuan Wang, James Reade
Bushan Mohan Uma Kambhampati, Sarah Jewell
Willie Nakunyada Stefania Lovo, Minyan Zhu
Kaelo Mpho Ntwaepelo Alexander Mihailov, Mark Guzman
Stephen Opata Monetary Policy, DSGE Models James Reade, Simon Burke
Wei-Fong Pan Empirical Finance, Labour Economics Simon Burke, Shixuan Wang, James Reade
Philip Ramirez James Reade, Carl Singleton
Richa Saun Labour Economics, Development Economics Marina Della Guista, Simonetta Longhi
Hafsa Shoukat Defence Economics, Applied Macroeconometrics James Reade, Joo Young Jeon
Sonia Jan Alam Development Economics Uma Kambhampati, Neha Hui
David Spiller Ken Dark, Mark Casson
Anurag Srivastava Development Economics, Behavioural Economics Uma Kambhampati, Vivien Burrows
Adesola Sunmoni Labour Economics, Development Economics Stefania Lovo, Simonetta Longhi
Elly Twineyo Samantha Rawlings, Stefania Lovo
Zain Ul-Abadin Uma Kambhampati, Sarah Jewell
Jemma Underdown Ethnogenesis, Societal Change Ken Dark, Mark Casson
Ifeatu Uzodinma Behavioural Economics, Development Economics Sophie Clot, Steven Bosworth
Zhe Wang  Monetary Policy, Unemployment Alexander Mihailov, Giovanni Razzu
Mengyue Xing (Visiting student) Stefania Lovo
Duo Xu DSGE models, European Sovereign Credit Alexander Mihailov, James Reade
Matthew Yeo James Reade, David Marshall
Anna Zabrodzka Andi Nygaard (external), Giovanni Razzu