EMRC / SWW seminars: Philippa Hellawell (TNA)

Please join us on February 6th at 1pm where Philippa Hellawell (The National Archives) will give a paper  on 'Commercial Experiments and West African Knowledge in the early eighteenth-century Royal...Read More >

EMRC / SWW Seminars: Rachel Foxley (Reading)

Please join us on May 15th at 1pm when Rachel Foxley (Reading) will give a paper entitled ‘Political Polarisation in the English Civil War: A Digital Humanities Approach’. We meet online:...Read More >

EMRC / SWW Seminars: Tyler Rainford (Bristol)

Please join us on 16 October 2023 at 1pm when Tyler Rainford (Bristol) will give a paper entitled ‘Alcohol, Intoxication, and Diary-Keeping in England, 1660-1760’. We meet online: please sign...Read More >