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Professor Teresa Murjas uses archival materials, artefacts and oral testimony as part of her creative practice. She collaborates with museums and galleries, and theatre and film practitioners, in order to make and publicly show her mixed-media projects.

This strand of Teresa’s research originally stems from her decision to share stories about her family history through performance making. Her work is informed by her family’s experiences of wartime displacement.


Professor Teresa Murjas is a Professor of Theatre in the Department of Film, Theatre & Television at the University of Reading, and specialises in finding creative new ways for people to engage with archives.

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Dr Beverley Costa is a psychotherapist and Senior Practitioner Fellow at Birkbeck, University of London. Her research focuses on therapy across languages with and without an interpreter. In 2000, she set up Mothertongue, an award-winning, multi-ethnic counselling service based in Reading. Beverley’s book, Other Tongues ─ psychological therapies in a multilingual word (in press, 2020), offers a guide for trainee and qualified practitioners, trainers, and supervisors in the area of culturally and linguistically sensitive therapeutic practice and clinical supervision. Before co-founding Around the Well (2018) with Professor Teresa Murjas, Beverley commissioned and produced the world première of The Session (2015), a play about a cross language couple, at The Soho Theatre, London.

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Dr James Rattee is a film and documentary maker. Since completing his PhD in film in 2013 he has made short films, documentaries, showreels, gallery installations, music videos and social media content. In 2016, he set up the production company Egg and Spoon Films with Linda Mason. Together they have made the documentary Ghost Towns (which screened at film festivals internationally), a series of fictional shorts for Portsmouth Festivities, and a video installation screened at an exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum (2019). James currently produces documentaries about LSE’s best research, where he is also a co-producer of the award winning podcast LSE IQ. His collaboration with Professor Teresa Murjas can be seen on a range of academic projects, including: The First World War in Biscuits, War Child Archive, and iSheep. Along with Teresa, he is part of the mixed media collective Peeling Onions with Granny.

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Jack Thacker studied English at the University of York and completed his PhD on British and Irish poetry and agriculture at the University of Bristol. Jack’s poetry has appeared in numerous print and online magazines and has been read on BBC Radio 4. From October 2017 to March 2018, Jack was the poet in residence at the Museum of English Rural Life in Reading, where he worked with Teresa Murjas and James Rattee on iSheep. His debut pamphlet-length collection, Handling, was published by Two Rivers Press in 2018. Currently, Jack is the ArtfulScribe writer in residence at the Lighthouse, Poole.

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