Projects for 2020 Entry

See table below for 50 PhD projects being advertised in subject areas that span the entire food value chain. Details of how to apply to these projects can be found here: foodbiosystems/apply-for-a-phd


Project ID Project Title Lead Supervisor Lead Institution Co-Supervision
FBS2020-01 Development and validation of tools to integrate food intake biomarker data with minimal self-reported dietary information to assess eating behaviour in individuals and populations John Draper Aberystwyth University Julie Lovegrove – University of Reading
FBS2020-02 Repositioning histone modifying enzyme (HME) inhibitors as next-generation flukicides Karl Hoffmann Aberystwyth University Aaron Maule – Queen’s University Belfast
FBS2020-03 A New Approach to the Production of Cultured Meat with Enhanced Texture Ian Hamley University of Reading Ruth Wonfor – Aberystwyth University
FBS2020-05 Improving nutrition efficiency and milk quality in dairy production Sokratis Stergiadis University of Reading Katerina Theodoridou – Queen’s University Belfast
FBS2020-06 Reducing potato losses by creating a predictive model for black dot disease Leon Terry Cranfield University John Doonan – Aberystwyth University
FBS2020-07 Fundamental study of the inter-relationships between structure, physicochemical properties and sensory profile of emulsions to evaluate their potential as fat replacers Julia Rodriguez Garcia University of Reading Tassos Koidis – Queen’s University Belfast
FBS2020-09 Do cover crops increase the resilience and sustainability of the agri-food system? Tom Sizmur University of Reading Jacqueline Hannam – Cranfield University
FBS2020-10 The effect of fruit and vegetable intake on health outcomes: does an apple a day still keep the doctor away? Jayne Woodside Queen’s University Belfast Julie Lovegrove – University of Reading
FBS2020-12 Biostimulants improve soil and plant conditions to enhance the health-related properties of fresh produce Jane Rickson Cranfield University David Rose – University of Reading
FBS2020-13 A receptor-ligand module that triggers cell death in plants: a killer in disguise Maurice Bosch Aberystwyth University Liam McGuffin – University of Reading
FBS2020-14 Understanding the ecology and coevolution of aphids and parasitoids to improve natural biocontrol measures in field crops Isabella Capellini Queen’s University Belfast Robbie Girling – University of Reading
FBS2020-15 Bioaccessibility of lipids from dairy products: the cheese matrix Kirsty Kliem University of Reading Barbara Fielding – University of Surrey
FBS2020-16 Variation in forages for improved micronutrient nutrition in livestock Sarah Palmer Aberystwyth University Sokratis Stergiadis – University of Reading
FBS2020-17 A novel approach to reducing multiple-drug resistance in foodborne bacteria: application of CRISPR technology Simon Andrews University of Reading Roberto M. La Ragione – University of Surrey
FBS2020-18 Reducing seed loss and waste in umbelliferous crops Sofia Kourmpetli Cranfield University Luke Bell – University of Reading
FBS2020-19 Gut bacteria and their DNA as elicitors of host beneficial responses Jorge Gutierrez-Merino University of Surrey Gareth W.Griffith – Aberystwyth University
FBS2020-20 Evaluating the sustainability and nutritional benefits of alternative production systems and foods Adrian Williams Cranfield University Richard Murphy – University of Surrey
FBS2020-23 Removing unwanted macro, micro and nanoplastics from fresh produce production Carol Wagstaff University of Reading Maya Al-Sid-Cheikh – University of Surrey
FBS2020-24 Willow (Salixspp): The potential of a tannin-rich tree fodder to reduce ammonia emissions and improve productivity of dairy cattle Katerina Theodoridou Queen’s University Belfast Sokratis Stergiadis – University of Reading
FBS2020-25 Can many biomarkers make light work of liver fluke parasite diagnostics? Paul McVeigh Queen’s University Belfast Russ Morphew – Aberystwyth University
FBS2020-26 Identifying beneficial plant-microbial interactions using multi-omic approaches Martin Swain Aberystwyth University Simon Cameron – Queen’s University Belfast
FBS2020-27 Development of different natural biopesticide formulations of plant extracts for control of economically important cereal and grass diseases Naresh Magan Cranfield University Gareth W.Griffith – Aberystwyth University
FBS2020-29 Using organic fertilisers to manipulate soil microbiology for improved nutrient bioavailability Mark Pawlett Cranfield University Tom Sizmur – University of Surrey
FBS2020-30 Optimising the sensorial and nutritional value of plant-based milk alternatives Stella Lignou University of Reading Ruan Elliott – University of Surrey
FBS2020-32 Exploring the upcycling potential of distilled grain as whole ingredients for the development of novel plant-based foods Paola Tosi University of Reading Valentina Stojceska – Brunel University London
FBS2020-33 Investigation into sustainability labelling of food and implications for the consumer and the food industry Alice Mauchline University of Reading Moira Dean – Queen’s University Belfast
FBS2020-34 100 years of plant breeding – what have we done to the seed microbiome? Kerrie Farrar Aberystwyth University Richard Ellis – University of Reading
FBS2020-35 A machine learning approach to the metabolic profiling of a diverse heritage collection of apples and pears Danny Thorogood Aberystwyth University Leon Terry – Cranfield University
FBS2020-36 Deep learning-based phenotyping of crop seed banks and herbaria John Doonan Aberystwyth University Lilian Tang – University of Surrey
FBS2020-37 Investigation of the capacity of a diet rich in lutein and zeaxanthin (from selected Capsicumvarieties) to increase macular pigment density, thereby potentially reducing the risk of age-related macular degeneration by dietary means Margaret Rayman University of Surrey Jayne Woodside – Queen’s University Belfast
FBS2020-39 Evaluating epigenetic and transcriptomic adaptations to climate change in Brasicca napus (oilseed rape) Fady Mohareb Cranfield University John Hammond – University of Reading
FBS2020-40 Predicting the ripening behaviour of mango fruit through an understanding of the progression of ripening events MariCarmen Alamar Cranfield University Martin Chadwick – University of Reading
FBS2020-41 Genetics of root vigour in tomato Andrew Thompson Cranfield University John Doonan – Aberystwyth University
FBS2020-42 Exploring the impact of plant-based diets on iodine intake in the UK population Sarah Bath University of Surrey Jayne Woodside – Queen’s University Belfast
FBS2020-43 Nitrosamine formation and colorectal cancer (CRC) risk in processed meats: investigating the role of nitrites, extraneous nitrates and possible nitrite replacers Brian Green Queen’s University Belfast Gunter Kuhnle – University of Reading
FBS2020-44 Tackling antimicrobial resistance in dairy production: smartphone microfluidics for parallel resistance gene detection alongside functional antibiotic susceptibility testing Al Edwards University of Reading Roberto M. La Ragione – University of Surrey
FBS2020-46 Temperature regulation of microRNAs and crop -rhizosphere interactions Johnathan Dalzell Queen’s University Belfast Liz Shaw – University of Reading
FBS2020-47 Understanding the role of glucosinolates and volatile organic compounds in resistance to aphid (Myzus persicae) infestations on Brassica oleracea crops Luke Bell University of Reading Maria Anastasiadi – Cranfield University
FBS2020-48 Enhancing the sustainability and improving quality of apple production through ecosystem service management Michael Garratt University of Reading Paul Burgess – Cranfield University
FBS2020-50 The impact of food transmitted endocrine disruptors on animal and human health Eva Kevei University of Reading Lisa Connolly – Queen’s University Belfast
FBS2020-51 Integrating plant and animal responses to parasite infection under climate change Eric Morgan Queen’s University Belfast Sokratis Stergiadis – University of Reading
FBS2020-52 Food Processing with Solid State Microwave Technology for Higher Product Quality and Lower Carbon Footprint Savvas Tassou Brunel University London Maria Jose Oruna-Concha – University of Reading
FBS2020-53 Mechanistic studies on the impact of dietary protein on gut barrier function: a gatekeeper of metabolic & immune health Denise Robertson University of Surrey Marie Lewis – University of Reading
FBS2020-55 Diet and Chronic Disease: mechanistic studies on the impact of dietary protein on gut barrier function and the microbiota Marie Lewis University of Reading Denise Robertson – University of Surrey
FBS2020-56 Development of a novel and effective post-harvest decision support system (DSS) for stored cereals to minimise mould spoilage and mycotoxinsin food (DSS4Food) Angel Medina-Vaya Cranfield University Rudolf Krska – Queen’s University Belfast
FBS2020-57 Development of integrated sustainable processes for food waste valorisation Afroditi Chatzifragkou University of Reading Valentina Stojceska – Brunel University London
FBS2020-58 What are the mechanisms driving niche specialisation within rumen plant-associated microbiomes? Chris Creevey Queen’s University Belfast Alison Kingston-Smith – Aberystwyth University
FBS2020-59 Risk assessment of cakes with reduce sugar – a new detailed view on the role of microenvironments Kimon Andreas Karatzas University of Reading Eirini Velliou – University of Surrey
FBS2020-60 Developing a new energy efficient technology for dewatering/drying of food materials Valentina Stojceska Brunel University London Afroditi Chatzifragkou – University of Reading
FBS2020-62 Assessing food-borne risks of Toxocara infection in support of public health and food quality assurance Martha Betson University of Surrey Eric Morgan – Queen’s University Belfast