Future Projects (2023 Cohort)

Our FoodBioSystems DTP 2023 cohort of researchers will work on projects that span the food system from farm to fork.  Find out more about the projects in the table below.

Research area Project title Lead Supervisor  Co-Supervisor / University
Aberystwyth University
Food security / Plant & Crop Systems GrainQuest – using Artifical Intelligence and high resolution multimodal imaging to dissect the developmental and genetic basis of seed composition John Doonan Simon Cameron, Queen’s University Belfast FBS2023-14-Doonan-aq
Food security / Gut microbiota Feed for Net Zero: Understanding the structure function relationships in forages driving rumen feed degradation Alison Kingston-Smith Chris Creevey , Queen’s University Belfast FBS2023-29-Kingston-Smith-aq
Food security / Plant & Crop systems Unpicking the causes of infertility in wheat triggered by temperature stress Dylan Phillips Jake Bishop, University of Reading FBS2023-45-Phillips-ar
Data-intensive bioscience / Animal health and livestock agricultural systems Comparative and functional genomics to unveil liver fluke sexual development. Gabriel Rinaldi  Aaron Maule, Queen’s University Belfast FBS2023-48-Rinaldi-aq
Data-intensive bioscience / Plant & crop systems New software to detect horizontal gene transfer in microbiomes: from forage to the rumen Martin Swain Chris Creevey, Queen’s University Belfast FBS2023-58-Swain-aq
Animal health and livestock agricultural systems Ruminating over host-parasite interaction models for fluke driven immune responses. Ruth Wonfor Mark Robinson, Queen’s University Belfast FBS2023-63-Wonfor-aq
Brunel University
Food safety / Animal health and livestock agricultural systems Enhancing seaweed aquaculture for alternative animal feeds Lorna Anguilano Pamela Walsh, Queen’s University Belfast FBS2023-04-Anguilano-bq
Cranfield University
Food safety & food authenticity Food Authenticity: Targeted and untargeted DNA barcoding approaches for traceability of cross-contamination and adulteration in animal and plant-based foods Maria Anastasiadi Katrina Campbell, Queen’s University Belfast FBS2023-03-Anastasiadi-cq
Data-intensive bioscience / Soil systems Breaking new ground: using X-rays to study how roots penetrate through soil parent materials Dan Evans Tom Sizmur, University of Reading FBS2023-43-Evans-cr
Decarbonising food systems /Soil systems The impacts of regenerative farming on soil carbon, structure and biodiversity across spatio-temporal scales Nick Girkin Liz Shaw, University of Reading FBS2023-18-Girkin-cr
Plant / crop systems Developing drought resistance and building soil carbon through optimising root traits in oats Chris McCloskey Irene Griffiths, Aberystwyth University FBS2023-47-McCloskey- ca
Microbial food safety / plant & crop systems Development of novel tests to evaluate the food safety risk associated with mycotoxigenic fungi in wheat Carol Verheecke-Vaessen Katrina Campbell , Queen’s University Belfast FBS2023-61-Verheecke-Vaessen-cq
Queen’s University Belfast
Food safety & food authenticity Developing next-generation portable rapid tests for food authenticity Katrina Campbell Alexander Edwards, University of Reading FBS2023-08-Campbell-qr
Data-intensive bioscience /Animal health and livestock agricultural systems Automated monitoring of health and welfare in groups of pigs using evidential reasoning and video-analytics Niall McLaughlin Alasdair Cook, University of Surrey FBS2023-37-McLaughlin-qs
Data-intensive bioscience / Animal health and livestock agricultural systems Application of machine learning to genomic selection of dairy cattle through improved feed efficiency complex prediction Mark Mooney Faisal Rezwan, Aberystwyth University FBS2023-42-Mooney-qa
Decarbonising food systems / Animal health and livestock agricultural systems Helminth extracellular vesicles – the key to reducing methane emissions from farmed livestock? Mark Robinson Russ Morphew, Aberystwyth University FBS2023-50-Robinson-qa
Decarbonising food systems / Animal health and livestock agricultural systems Insects for sustainable animal feed: Livestock farming in a climate change challenged world Katerina Theodoridou Sokratis Stergiadis, University of Reading FBS2023-59-Theodoridou-qr
University of Reading
Alternative food systems / decarbonising food systems High moisture extrusion technology assisted by enzymatic protein-protein crosslinking approach to improve the texture quality of plant-based meat analogues and eliminate the need for additives Sameer Khalil Gawi George Fern, Brunel University FBS2023-28-Khalil Ghawi-rb
Food security & inclusive positive nutrition / Gut Microbiota Can probiotics and prebiotics reduce the impact of high protein diets on gut barrier function by modulating the microbiota in sex-dependent manners? Marie Lewis Denise Robertson , University of Surrey FBS2023-33-Lewis-rs
Data-intensive bioscience / Food science A reverse engineering approach to sucrose replacement in biscuits: modelling texture Stella Lignou Gareth Tribello, Queen’s University Belfast FBS2023-51-Lignou-rq
Data-intensive bioscience / Plant & crop systems How to improve measurement of major wheat diseases using artificial intelligence? Alexey Mikaberidze Ronald Corstanje, Cranfield University FBS2023-39-Mikaberidze-rc
Plant & crop systems Smart control of crop diseases: how can we best combine fungicides and plant resistance genes? Alexey Mikaberidze Martin Swain, Aberystwyth University FBS2023-69-Mikaberidze-ra
Food security / human nutrition Understanding the mechanism of cardiovascular disease reduction and cognitive enhancement by dietary flavanols: the impact of flavanols on blood rheology and erythrocyte deformability Jeremy Spencer Christian Heiss, University of Surrey FBS2023-55-Spencer-rs
Data-intensive bioscience / Gut microbiota Precision Nutrition for Gut Health: Development of a novel seaweed-containing, gut microbiota targeted nutraceutical Anisha Wijeysekera Jessica Adams, Aberystwyth University FBS2023-62-Wijeyesekera-ra
University of Surrey
Decarbonising food systems BIO-ESPRESSO: Bio-Electrochemical System for Product REcovery from Spent Substrate cOffee waste Claudio Avignone Rossa Stuart Wagland, Cranfield University FBS2022-02-Avignone Rossa-sc
Food security / human nutrition Efficacy, application and consumer acceptance of plant-based proteins for metabolic health Adam Collins Daniele Asioli, University of Reading FBS2023-12-Collins-sr
Microbial food safety / animal health New tools for Rapid Field Detection of clinical biomarkers in poultry Inaki Deza-Cruz Alexander Edwards, University of Reading FBS2023-13-Deza-Cruz-sr
Human nutrition Anthocyanins, Microbiome and Healthy Aging  Julie Hunt  Glenn Gibson, University of Reading FBS2023-25-Hunt-sr
Human nutrition Interaction between Iron Status and Vitamin D Health in Ethnic Groups – Implications for Immune Function Susan Lanham-New Julie Lovegrove, University of Reading FBS2023-32-Lanham-New-sr
Food security / human nutrition Insects as a novel source of dietary protein: Does it have legs?  Ralph Manders Rhys Thatcher, Aberystwyth University FBS2023-35-Manders-sa
Food safety & food authenticity Nanoplastics in the food chain: from food, to cells, to function Matthew Parker Mark Dallas, University of Reading FBS2023-44-Parker-sr