HSE UniversityNew Economic School, and University of Reading are organizing a conference on the football economics and finance. It is aimed to highlight high-quality research of the football industry as well as to facilitate the cooperation between academics and practitioners.

Theoretical and/or empirical research papers that deal with economic, financial, social, and managerial problems of football industry are welcome. The list of possible topics includes: success factors in football, football leagues regulation, financial fair-play, tournament design, contest theory, optimization of match strategies, corruption, betting, spectators’ demand studies, financial and social issues of the World Cup, scheduling, competitive balance, and other.

When: 1-3 July, 2020

Call for papers: Extended abstract (approximately 3 pages long) must be submitted through EasyChair by February 1, 2020.

There is no conference fee. Participation is open to anyone interested in the field. However, registration is needed (it will be opened in due course).

See more information on the conference website.