The Football Research Group has just produced its latest research paper, through members Prof James Reade & Dr Carl Singleton. It has been published as a chapter in A new world post COVID-19: lessons for business, the finance industry and policy makers,” M. Billio & S. Varotto(Ed.), Ca’ Foscari University Press

​​​​European football after COVID-19

A brief summary:

The European football industry has suffered an unprecedented shock from COVID-19. In this chapter, we reflect on how the sport’s administrators responded to the initial outbreaks and what lessons can be learned. We also look ahead to what football in the post-COVID-19 era could look like. We conclude that this largely depends on the decisions now facing the sport’s administrators and the powerful owners of the biggest football clubs: will they prioritise football as the inclusive and diverse game, at the heart of local communities? Or will their intrinsic financial interests dominate?

Read more about it and view the full book chapter here.