The Football Research Group has just produced its latest research paper from one of its projects, through members James Reade & Carl Singleton. It has been published as a working paper in the Department of Economics Discussion Paper Series and is joint work with economists at University College London, Alex Bryson, University of Sussex, Peter Dolton, and the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, Dominik Schreyer.

Causal effects of an absent crowd on performances and refereeing decisions during Covid-19

A brief summary:

The Covid-19 pandemic has induced worldwide natural experiments on the effects of crowds.  We exploit one of these experiments that took place over several countries in almost identical settings: professional football matches played behind closed doors within the 2019/20 league seasons.  We find large and statistically significant effects on the number of yellow cards issued by referees.  Without a crowd, fewer cards were awarded to the away teams, reducing home advantage.  These results have implications for the influence of social pressure and crowds on the neutrality of decisions.

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