Course overview:

This course will introduce you to the role of farmed livestock in agricultural systems and the importance of feed in managing the nutritional requirements of different classes of livestock.  You will explore the variety of livestock feeds, including their manufacture and food safety issues, and develop an understanding of how these can be used to meet the nutritional requirements of different livestock. Additionally, you will develop the ability to formulate diets for specific livestock and the feed industry’s role in meeting these requirements.

This course would benefit those working in the livestock or feed industries and producers or retailers looking to increase their understanding of their supply chain.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate the role of feed and nutrition in the maintenance of livestock health and performance
  • Critically appraise the challenges and opportunities that face the livestock feed industry
  • Demonstrate an ability to formulate diets for different classes of livestock
  • Use appropriate tools to identify reliable information and literature on a given topic
  • Communicate research findings clearly
  • Demonstrate good academic practice in the use, citation and referencing of source material

Additional Course Information:

Topics within this course will include:

  • Role and importance of livestock in agricultural systems
  • Nutrition requirements for livestock
  • Livestock feeds and feeds characterisation
  • Feed manufacture and safety
  • Challenges and opportunities facing the livestock feed industry

Key facts:

Course Dates 24 April 2023
Type/Duration 8 Weeks online
Entry Requirements Graduate level or relevant experience
Credits 10
Cost £850.00
Fee info
CQFW Level 7
Course Provider University of Reading
Provider Reference Number APMA113
Course Arrangements Full joining instructions will be confirmed by the course provider.
Course Location Online, University of Reading
Cohort Continued Professional Development
Course Logistics Delivered entirely online through the University of Reading’s Virtual Learning Environment over an
eight-week period, it is suggested that material is reviewed every week; however, participants
may vary their speed of learning to suit their requirements.

The course is available as Continued Professional Development or with the award of 10 academic
credits for participants completing a postgraduate programme.

Tutor Dr Caroline Rymer

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Contact details:

Contact Name for Enquiries: Fiona Lee or Cathy Crips

Email address:

Telephone Number: 0118 378 3312 or  0118 378 8722

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