An Introduction to Food Systems: Scientific, Technical and Socioeconomic Principles to Facilitate the Creation of Food Value Networks

The food sector is undergoing dramatic changes fostered by global challenges such as growing competition for resources, a rise of the global population, and changes in demographics and consumer behavior. To date though, the sector is not well prepared to address these challenges. There is a lack of knowledge on how to effectively create integrated value networks that can come up with new solutions to the above stated challenges. An increasing integration of previously unconnected and fragmented actors is needed to bring in new scientific breakthroughs and technical developments under the consideration of socioeconomical aspects. In this SPOC we thus intend to introduce participants (professionals and students) to the notion of Food Systems, a new concept facilitating the description, smart design and optimization of complex integrated value creation networks in the food arena.

Project Leadership: Jochen Weiss – University of Hohenheim

Participating organisations: