EFSET – European Food Systems Education and Training

The European Food Systems Education and Training (EFSET) programme addresses the increasingly challenging array of food-related problems, such as food waste or malnutrition.

Through multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches that simultaneously target different parts of the food system, the course gives postgraduate students the confidence and skills necessary to bring about positive change. Building on the first year of the programme, EFSET provides students at European universities unique and exciting opportunities to address real-world Food System Challenges set by industry partners. Through a series of innovative, on-line modules and face-to-face skills workshops, as well as opportunities to participate in a fully-funded international Away Weekend and a Summer School, students receive training in food systems analysis and intervention strategies, and experience the challenges of interdisciplinary teamwork. Having participated in this training, EFSET students will enter the workplace able to demonstrate an enhanced professionalism through combining strategic food systems thinking with the technical skills developed through their postgraduate studies.

Project Leadership: Alex Arnall, University of Reading

Contact details: a.h.arnall@reading.ac.uk

Participating organisations: