EIT Food Digital Marketplace for Side Streams

A substantial part of the food industries’ produce ends up to now as waste. The goal of this project is to enable companies worldwide to easily identify candidate side streams for valorisation to catalyse match-making between suppliers and buyers and to build a knowledge base for EIT Food making this European consortium a game changer in the global circular bioeconomy. The following intermediate steps are required.

  1. Mapping of sourcing criteria forside streams
  2. Comprehensive capturing of the ingredient composition of each side stream by using cutting-edge analytical technologies (LC-SWATHMS)enabling quantitative profiling and retrospective analysis of yet unknown compounds
  3. Build a fully searchable analytical database containing allrelevant data
  4. Fill technology gaps with processing techniques to meet quality targets for sourcing/ application
  5. Develop matchmaking processbetween suppliers and buyers
  6. Develop Go-to-Market strategy for the commercial exploitation.

Project Leadership: Stephan Haiber, GIVAUDAN

Contact details: stephan.haiber@givaudan.com

University of Reading Activity Lead: Professor Dimitris Charalampopoulos

Contact details: d.charalampopoulos@reading.ac.uk

Participating organisations: