Interplay between different wheat cultivars

Improving European farmers´ competitiveness through technology transfer and innovation integration is essential to address future challenges in the sector. Increasing wheat grain quality and yield across Europe as the climate changes and enabling sustainable intensification is critical to a future Europe producing sufficient high-quality, affordable food. To do so, the following will be addressed: 1) identification of wheat cultivars with higher yield and quality traits in different locations in Europe; 2) validation of novel prototype biostimulants active under field conditions to support grain yield and quality; and 3) validation of a price-competitive prototype hand-held wheat grain quality analyser. These challenges will be delivered with a market-oriented approach by a multidisciplinary consortium from three CLCs involving: a large farmers´ cooperative (Grupo AN), a research centre (CSIB-IdAB), a university (University of Reading), and the RisingFoodStars (GrainSense).

Participating organisations: