IValueFood (3 year project) will enhance consumer health and support the European Agri-food economy by improving future generations’ knowledge of, and engagement with, food. Novel approaches will be used to engage with next generation audiences: students from primary school to university. Following a pan-European inventory of current tools and resources; novel engagement and education approaches (e.g. gamification, txokos, food interest groups/collectives, “twinning”, science meets food) will be used to produce our future food champions who will communicate food values through digital media platform(s) of their choosing. IValueFood will be supported by a pan European network of high profile “food stars” and stakeholders. Industry will “relearn” to engage with our youth on food values. The project will be scaled-up across Europe, targeting regions where a greater engagement and understanding of food is needed in order for the next generations to make the best choices of the food they eat.

Project Leadership: Paul Brereton – Queen’s University of Belfast

Participating organisations: