What is academic credit?

Credits are the building blocks of all academic qualifications awarded by higher education institutes in the UK. National frameworks make clear the number of credits required for different degrees, with the underlying understanding that one credit is equivalent to approximately 10 hours of study.

To give you a better idea of how this might work in practice – a 10 credit face-to-face workshop-based course could involve 3-4 days of lectures and practicals, which might equate to 30 hours study time. The remainder of the 100 hours study time may include pre and post-course reading or writing up of an assessment that will be completed away from the classroom in your own time either at work or at home.

An online 10 credit course will similarly involve 30 -40 hours of directed study, but could also involve additional reading or assessment that will need to be completed in your own time.

In many degrees with a strict pathway of study, individuals are limited to a small number of options and rarely deal directly with the question of credits.

The EPTH works differently. We acknowledge the varied, busy professional and personal lives people now manage,  so offer flexible training, allowing you to select what is studied, and when.  As a result, most of our modules carry a certain number of academic credits, ranging from between 5 and 30 credits.

Over time, EPTH participants can ‘build’ their degree from a unique choice of modules across our portfolio, leading to bespoke degrees, tailored to their interests.

If you are unsure as to whether you wish to pursue your studies towards a qualification, maximum flexibility is gained by taking the assessment associated with a module. If you later decide to pursue a degree, this would enable you to transfer these courses as credit via accreditation of prior learning.