Most of the training provided by the EPTH is delivered on a ‘modular’ basis: short, taught courses usually lasting no more than 12 weeks.

In order to provide the maximum flexibility, these modules run in a variety for formats, including online distance learning, campus workshops, or blended learning (a mixture of online and residential).

You can choose individual modules from across the selection offered by the EPTH, and can pay for these as and when they are undertaken without the need to commit to further training.

Modules are composed of credits. The majority of modules comprise 5-30 credits.

Credits are the basis of our postgraduate programmes.

As an example, PGCert = 60 credits (6 x 10 credit modules) and PG Diploma = 120 credits (12 x 10 credit modules).

Our modules are grouped under five key themes:

A full list of available modules, along with summaries of their content, cost, and delivery method can be found on the Our Courses section.