Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the EPTH. If your query is not answered on this page, please contact us directly.

General enquiries should be direct to

Specific enquiries related to AgriFood courses or degrees:

Fiona Lee – Operations Manager

Email:             Tel:  0118 378 3312

Specific enquiries related to Pharmacy and Healthcare courses or degrees:

Cathy Crips – CIPPET  Executive Support Officer

Email:            Tel:  0118 378 8722

If you wish to apply for any of our courses or degree programmes, you will need to do so through this website.

On each course or qualification page, there is a button labelled ‘Register Now,’.

This will lead you to complete a short contact form.  Complete and submit this, and we will be in touch within five working days regarding your registration enquiry and the application process.

The application process is relatively straightforward, but we will require you to answer several questions about your previous educational background if you wish to register for a course for academic credit as you will be enrolled as a full University of Reading Postgraduate Student.

In short no, anyone who is interested in registering for an EPTH course is welcome to attend as part of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

CPD training is a useful mechanism for individuals looking to improve their skills or knowledge without undergoing assessment.

For participants looking to complete courses for academic credit, or those interested in completing a postgraduate degree qualification applicants will usually be expected to have a first degree (minimum of second class) in a science subject.

However, relevant workplace experience may be accepted as qualification for entry to our programmes.

Contact Us for further information.

Each course has its fees which are payable on a per course basis.

Individual course fees are shown on the relevant course information page in the ‘Key Facts File’ table.

The cost of an ETPH postgraduate degree varies on a case-by-case basis.

Degree fees depend on the individual courses completed for the programme’s taught credit element, plus where relevant, a research project fee covering discussions with your supervisor, access to university facilities (including labs, library and electronic resources), and the examination of the completed project.

EPTH participants are required to pay the required cost for individual courses in full before course commencement.

There are options for discounted course fees when making multiple participant bookings from the same company. Contact the EPTH office for further details.

Degrees with the EPTH have been designed for professionals currently employed in the AgriFood industry or healthcare sector. As such, we would expect that participants will take longer to complete their studies than typical for full-time degrees at this level.

As a guideline, we would predict that our qualifications will take the following lengths of time:

PGCert (60 credits): 1 – 3 years

PGDip (120 credits): 1 – 3 years

MSc (180 credits): 2 – 5 years

Professional Doctorate (360 – 540 credits): 4 – 6 years

These time estimates vary due to our programmes’ flexibility and our understanding that completion times will vary due to our participants’ work commitments, and the scheduling of courses they wish to undertake.