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Improving farmers’s livelihoods and engaging farmers during the Covid – 19

The ‘Focus on Farmers’project, led by Dr Gillian Rose, University of Reading, will overcome the slow adoption of agricultural technologies by recruiting farmer champions to encourage the wider farming community to adopt new methods and connecting European farmers with mentors who can teach them about the benefits of using innovative technologies and deliver first-hand training on how to use them.

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Focus on well-being in response to Covid-19


The coronavirus pandemic has changed our daily lives like never before, and looking after our well-being under these circumstances is very important. Professor Ian Givens and Professor Glenn Gibson, in collaboration with David Givens, Fitness and Sports Manager, SportsPark, have recently produced two short videos to help people understand the importance of vitamin D and how to maintain good gut health together with SportsPark’s short guide on how to stay healthy at home. A series of exercises, from yoga to core work outs are now available as videos on  YouTube, Instagram or via the SportsPark app.


New food solutions for cancer patients

Taste plays a key role in nutrition by stimulating the desire to eat, and proper nutrition is essential to improve health. Some diseases such as cancer or, as we´ve seen recently, that sysmptoms caused by Covid-19, may result in taste changes, the loss of it being among them.

AZTI in collaboration with University of Reading, University of Warsaw, Fruktus Agros Nova, Ekoland, NaturalMachines and Maspex is leading an investigation project funded by EIT-Food on innovative solutions that, in addition to nutritional requirements, consider sensorial alterations to help promote the pleasure of eating, because what we eat is as important as the fact of enjoying while doing it.

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Healthier, more sustainable and more transparent food system supported by new funding

Consumers doing their weekly shop will benefit from new research to help the food system create healthier food, communicate more effectively and educate us about how our food is produced.

The University of Reading is working across 37 new research, communication, business creation and education projects in 2020 thanks to EIT Food, a European initiative to revolutionise the food system. The funding will help the University of Reading to benefit consumers, farmers and those working in the food industry by supporting collaboration with other universities, research institutes and businesses across Europe to address challenges in the food system including environmental matters.

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Consequences of panic buying


Panic buying is a common human response to crisis, which is not caused by food shortage per se, but rather by fear. The fear of scarcity is self-fulfilling, because the more people stockpile, the more others are infected by the panic and therefore the faster the food runs out.

The human relationship with food is hardly rational and as the Harvard epidemiologist Karestan Koenen says, “Food buying helps us feel in control”.

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Milk and Dairy Foods: Their Functionality in Human Health and Disease


We are proud to announce the recent publication of ‘Milk and Dairy Foods Their functionality in human health and disease’, a book edited by Professor Ian Givens, Director of the IFNH with some chapters authored or co-authored by University of Reading staff namely Ian, Professor Julie Lovegrove and Drs Sarah Guo, Kirsty Kliem and Sokratis Stergiadis. The book has 15 main chapters and was written with food and nutrition researchers, academic teachers, and health professionals, including clinicians and dietitians in mind. The book explores a lot of new findings on the associations between milk and dairy foods and health and crucially, highlights the health related functionalities that components of dairy foods have and which would not be evident from a traditional nutrition standpoint. These functionalities are key to the dietary role of dairy foods, an issue which must not be forgotten when considering their replacement by alternative foods.

FREE online ‘Engaging with Controversies in the Food System’ starts Monday 6th April

Want to discover the truth behind topical food controversies such as the link between meat consumption and climate change?

The course which attracted learners from over 81 countries in its previous run provides useful insight into various aspects of some of the world’s most popular food controversies and will equip you to make better food choices.

This three week course is designed for anyone interested to know more about what they eat and how it is produced. It explores these topics through the lens of three controversial issues; alternative proteins; palm oil; and the use of probiotics an increasingly popular practice in the food industry.

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EIT Food Accelerator Network are now open!

Applications to the third cohort of the EIT Food Accelerator Network are now open! The EIT FAN is an accelerator powered by EIT Food, a body of the EU. They are looking for the 60 most promising start-ups changing the food system to join what we believe is the strongest agri-food accelerator programme that Europe has to offer. All start-ups solving a critical issue in our food system and that have gained some traction through first sales or LOIs are invited to apply.

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Working together to find solutions across the food system

View our new film to discover how our partnerships with industry and other research institutes is delivering better diets and health.

News stories about poor diets, the associated health issues and the resulting pressures on our national health care systems are never far from the headlines. Climate change and the impacts this is having and will continue to have on our weather systems, soils, food production and human health is also a major challenge.

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