Food Chain Sustainability

Competing requirements for resources raises issues for future food security and sustainability, stressing the need for efficient crop and animal production systems and supply chains that minimise negative effects on the environment. We combine expertise across a number of key areas including food production, the sustainability of agro-ecosystems, food security, adaptation to and mitigation of climate change, and animal welfare and behaviour.

Integrating precision farming in computer games

The Integrating Precision Farming into Computer Games project will encourage agricultural stakeholders to adopt precision farming techniques and technologies. Precision agriculture is a farming management concept based on observing, measuring…Read More >

“LINKDAPA”: Linking multi-source data for adoption of precision agriculture

The LINKDAPA project aims to promote sustainable agriculture by working with farmers to co-create crop management zones for precision agriculture solutions. Farmers increasingly generate a large amount of data and…Read More >

The development of novel plastic film cladding materials for polytunnels

Poly tunnels, growing areas enclosed by plastic film cladding, have transformed the production of many crops in the UK and around the world, by reducing losses from poor weather, pests,…Read More >

CleanFruit – Standardization of innovative pest control strategies to produce zero residue fruit for baby food and other fruit produce

Fruit crop protection is heavily dependent on chemical pesticides but consumers and fruit processors are increasingly interested in residue-free fruit. The CleanFruit project aims to design and promote a crop…Read More >

Seaweed supplementation to mitigate methane (CH4) emissions by cattle (SeaCH4NGE)

This two-year project aims to reduce methane (CH4) emissions from cattle and increase product quality. There is a gap in the market for products with lower environmental impact as consciousness…Read More >

NMR-based MetabolomIcs foR orgAniC miLk authEntication (NMR-MIRACLE)

Started in 2019, this project will develop an analytical service to authenticate organic milk and enhance transparency throughout the dairy supply chain. This responds to an increasing consumer demand for…Read More >

Constituent sensing of small grains

Knowledge of the food constituents (e.g. protein, carbohydrates) is important for consumers as indicators of nutritional value as well as for the food producers concerning processing quality. Additionally, food safety…Read More >

EIT Food Digital Marketplace for Side Streams

A substantial part of the food industries’ produce ends up to now as waste. The goal of this project is to enable companies worldwide to easily identify candidate side streams…Read More >

HarnessINg Seaweed to Produce Iodine-forRtifiEd organic milk (INSPIRE organic milk)

Iodised salt and milk are the main sources of I in human diets. However, organic milk is typically low in I and organic salt is not iodised. The project aims…Read More >

Impact on sustainability, shelf life and nutritional value by vertically farmed leafy greens via a new local supply chain

Impact on sustainability, shelf life and nutritional value by vertically farmed leafy greens via a new local supply chain. Access to fresh produce is and will continue to be an…Read More >