Food Processing

Food quality is of fundamental interest to us all, providing a healthy diet, that is safe, nutritious and delivered with great taste, texture and appearance. In order to achieve this food processing must be optimised for quality, yield, health and sustainability of both products and processes. We achieve this through the application of laboratory scale science and engineering to pilot plant manufacturing and downstream processing.

ONCOFOOD: New food solutions for cancer patients

According to the World Health Organization, in 2016 there were around 7.1 million patients who were diagnosed with cancer or were undergoing treatment for cancer in Europe. Close to 70%…Read More >

Our Nutritious Protein

Consumer desire for protein-rich foods and beverages is driving growth and innovation in protein ingredients. The population growth together with the changes in the food consumption patterns away from animal…Read More >

EIT Food Digital Marketplace for Side Streams

A substantial part of the food industries’ produce ends up to now as waste. The goal of this project is to enable companies worldwide to easily identify candidate side streams…Read More >

Food System Master of Science Programme

Develop in-depth knowledge about food systems through studying consecutively at three distinct European academic institutions and use your knowledge to drive the future transformation of the food system. Aim of the course The programme…Read More >

inPaper: Innovative paper-based packaging technology and pack styles for food products

Packaging needs to become more sustainable! China is restricting plastic waste imports. Some countries have raised taxes on plastic bags or a complete ban. Within the food and packaging industry,…Read More >

Circular Food Generator Track

Food Generator Track is a competition which challenges Master or PhD students of 3 Universities  to develop new, innovative solutions for and from food losses of production facilities and retail…Read More >

SuReBar: Integrating innovative sugar and fibre technologies to produce clean label sugar reduced products, demonstrated through cereal bars

Sugar reduction in foods remains challenging; it is not only the sweetness of sugar but also the physical properties and cost that have to be matched. Cereal bars are considered…Read More >

SureChoc: Sugar reduced chocolate and chocolate chip cookies to meet consumer sensory, naturalness and cost expectation

Sugar reduction in foods remains challenging; it is not only the sweetness of sugar but also physiochemical properties and cost that have to be matched. A substantial portion of sweet…Read More >

How Food is Made? Understanding Food Processing Technologies

Have you ever wondered how your food is processed before it reaches your plate? Find out with this online course. The course focuses on: The history of food processing –…Read More >


Reducing sugar consumption is essential for health but a huge challenge for the food industry. Reducing sugar in food is not just about replacing sweetness, but also about the challenge…Read More >