Marcus Tindall

Marcus Tindall is a Mathematical Biologist with whose primary interest is in the mathematical modelling of biological and biomedical systems. He works with internationally leading life scientists in academic institutions and industry to formulate and solve mathematical models which are used to understand the system of interest, test hypotheses and direct future experimental/practical work. The Mathematical Biology group he leads at Reading has interests in a wide range of biological phenomena and uses a number of mathematical approaches to model them. These include genetic regulation of cholesterol biosynthesis, lipid metabolism, protein-protein interaction networks in cardiovascular cell biology (myocytes & platelets), Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP), bacterial chemotaxis, tumour growth and crop growth. Mathematically Tindall’s expertise covers nonlinear ordinary and partial differential equations, multi-scale modelling, numerical methods for ordinary and partial differential equations, agent based modelling, cellular automata, model parameterisation, dynamical systems theory and asymptotic perturbation theory.