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Department of Meteorology – University of Reading

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Dr. Elena Tarnavsky

Senior Research Fellow


  • Meteorology Department Senior Research Fellow
    Development of new and contribution to ongoing research and knowledge exchange activities with international project partners and industry collaborators
  • NERC National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) Impact Team
    Development of impact pathways and knowledge exchange links to facilitate the use of EO data and scince in government and business applications and decision-making processes
  • Walker Institute Associate

Research Interests:

  • Agro-Meteorological/Drought Risk Monitoring, Modelling, Management
  • Dynamic Hydrological and Crop Modelling with Earth Observation Data
  • Integration of Earth Observation Data into Process-Based Models
  • Methodologies for Comparison of Multi-Sensor and Multi-Scale Datasets
  • Stochastic Weather Generators, Spatial Statistics and Geostatistics
  • Decision-Support Tools and User-Tailored Applications as part of Knowledge Exchange

Research Projects:

  • Climate-KIC "Weather INdex-based wEather-driven Risk Services (WINERS), WP2 Lead Investigator, 05/2015 - 06/2017
  • NERC Satellite data for weather index insurance: scaling out (SatWIN-Scale), Researcher Co-Investigator, 10/2014 - 03/2016
  • MARSOP4 Framework Service Contract Supporting the MARS Crop Yield Forecasting System (MARSOP4), Senior Research Scientist, 07/2014 - 07/2018
  • NERC-TSB "A toolbox for incorporating satellite-based data into weather index based insurance (SatWin toolbox), Researcher Co-Investigator, 02/2014 - 04/2015
  • Walker Institute Research Development Fund (WIRDF), Award Holder, 12/2014 - 07/2015
  • NERC Environmental Data "User-oriented Agricultural Drought Decision-support Insurance Tool (uADDIT), Researcher Co-Investigator, 06/2013 - 09/2013
  • NERC Business Interaction Fund, Researcher Co-Investigator, 07/2013 - 08/2013
  • CCAFS (Climate Change and Food Security) programme "Rainfall Data Generation and Analysis for African Meteorology", Co-Investigator, 09/2011 - 04/2012
  • Madagascar "Calibration of Satellite Based Estimates of Rainfall" (grant awarded but not accepted due to the sudden death of the PI, Dr David Grimes, in Dec 2011)
  • Alterra consultancy project "Comparison of multi-satellite rainfall estimates over Ghana", 07/2011
  • NERC "Workshop on TAMSAT African Rainfall Climatology And Time Series (TARCAT) for East Africa", 12/2010
  • MARSOP3 Operational Activities for MARS (Monitoring Agricultural Resources) FOOD SEC Action of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Ispra, Italy, with consortium partners from Alterra, MeteoGroup, VITO, and GSAT, 08/2009 - 03/2013

Contributions to Other Funded Projects:

  • 2014, CCAFS (Climate Change and Food Security) Flagship 2 "Delivering a Sustainable Integrated Approach to Climate Services at scale across West Africa"
  • 2014, USAID "Scaling up climate services for farmers in Africa and South Asia"
  • 2014, NERC PURE Fellowship held by Dr Ross Maidment on "Satellite-based rainfall estimates in Weather index-based insurance (SatWin)
  • 2013, Walker Institute Research Development Fund (WIRDF) awarded to TAMSAT

Student supervision:

  • Henna Helvina Neerunjun (2015): Extreme Precipitation Analysis in Mauritius using Ground Based Observations and Satellite Based Datasets, MSc Dissertation
  • Maria-Chara Karypidou (2014): Defining Zones of Homogeneous Precipitation over Africa for the Calibration of the TAMSAT Rainfall Algorithm, ERASMUS Placement
  • Edson Nkonde (2014): Skill of TAMSAT rainfall estimation for Zambia and Angola, MSc Dissertation
  • Tiro Nkemelang (2012): Daily and Dekadal Rainfall Estimation in Botswana, UG Dissertation
  • Fatou Sima (2011): Dekadal Rainfall Estimation in Gambia, MSc Dissertation
  • Jill Chamberlain (2010): Evaluation of TAMSAT Rainfall Estimates over Complex Terrain in Ethiopia, UG Dissertation

Other interests

  • Real Food and Virtual Water

Centaur Publications

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