These awards seek to recognise outstanding young scientists and researchers in the field of small grain cereal and grass research in the UK. MECEA awards consider research contributions in basic and applied disciplines, as well as contributions of excellence to scientific outreach and promotion activities.

Key details

Nominations are invited for the 9th annual MonoGram Early Career Excellence Award (MECEA).

These awards are aimed at PhD students and early career researchers.

There are two MECEA categories:

  • PhD students
  • Early career post-doctoral scientists (up to 5 year’s post-PhD graduation)


We encourage UK-based academic and industrial applicants at either award level to apply.


The Monogram Steering Group will judge the applications based on originality, excellence, and contribution of the work to the small grain cereal and grass research community. Applications will be scored against the following categories. Applicants are not required to fulfil every category to be successful:

  • Relevance/importance of topic
  • Originality
  • Clarity
  • Contribution to the scientific community (e.g. data/resources)
  • Challenges faced (e.g. learning new techniques)
  • Networking
  • Science communication/public engagement
  • Publications
  • Grants awarded

Application process

  • A one-page article describing a specific piece of their work and/or broader contribution to the community. This should communicate the applicant’s work as well as its importance, relevance and wider context. This article should be appropriate for subsequent publication on the Monogram blog. Please limit length to: A4, 11 Arial font, 2 cm margin, including figures.
  • A supporting statement from the PI/line manager of no more than 300 words.
  • A 2-page CV, listing key achievements.

The prize

The winners (one for each category) will receive a £300 cash prize and will have the opportunity to present their work at the annual Monogram meeting. The post-doctoral winner will also be offered a mentoring session with a member of the Monogram committee to support career aspirations.

Want to apply?

To apply, please send a combined pdf document containing all three components to