Amy C. Smith

[Areas of interest] 

Professor Smith is a classical archaeologist, with primary interests in Greek iconography and its many manifestations, especially in politics and religion, as well as ceramics. She is also a curator, with research interests the history of collections, digital museology and pedagogy. 

[My responsibility in the Lowbury project]  

I had the pleasure of discovering the disparate remains of the female excavated on Lowbury Hill with Amara Thornton and her invaluable research on the history of the Ure Museum. I initiated the Lowbury project by reaching out to the South West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership ( ) for support. I am now supervising Summer Courts and Seongmee Yoon in their PhD research.   

[Research projects] 

Besides Lowbury, Professor Smith’s current projects include a book on women and festivals in Classical Athens, with Dr Katerina Volioti (University of Roehampton) and an exhibit at the Ure Museum (coming in 2023) on games and gaming in antiquity, in collaboration with Locus Ludi ( 


Professor Smith received her degrees from Yale (PhD, MPhil, MA) and Dartmouth (BA), and was also educated at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA), the American Academy in Rome, and the American Numismatic Society. She served as R.D. Milns Professor at the University of Queensland in August 2022. She has also taken University of Reading students on study tours of Athens (2019, 2017 and 2014) and Rome (2022, 2009) and served as the Gertrude Smith Professor at ASCSA and thus Director of one of its Summer Sessions in 2016.