Angie Bolton
Oxfordshire Museums Service

[Areas of Interest]

Angie Bolton is the Curator of Archaeology for Oxfordshire Museums Service, having previously worked for the Portable Antiquities Scheme in the West Midlands. Her areas of interest are small finds and numismatics from the late Iron Age to Medieval periods. In relation to museum collections, her interest is in providing access to archaeological collections, taking these collections out to existing and new audiences digitally and in person.

[My responsibility in the Lowbury Project]

The document archives, human remains, artefacts and coins relating to the excavations of Lowbury Hill are in the care of Oxfordshire Museums Service. My role as Curator of Archaeology is as a project partner to facilitate access to the collections, provide support where required and to contribute to and to spin-off projects which engage the public.

For further information contact:

Kate Cheng, Manager Goring Library at (01491 873208)

Or pop into Goring Library and ask for information at the desk.