Seongmee Yoon
Graduate Student
Department of Classics, University of Reading

[Areas of interest] 

Seongmee Yoon is a PhD student, with primary interests in Museum studies, Archaeology, Classics, and Digital Heritage.  

She is particularly interested in interpreting archaeological or cultural objects with different angles, from digital technology and understanding museum public interest on displays.  

[My responsibility in the Lowbury project]  

My role in this project is interpreting one woman skeleton buried in the Roman-celtic enclosure on Lowbury Hill.  

From my research, I am looking for the historical or cultural connections between the borderland of Oxfordshire, the Anglo-Saxon burial near the enclosure, and the skeleton in the 5th to 6th centuries.  

Furthermore, I am writing an interpretive strategy of the woman burials and the site. This work aims to explain to the public why the woman and the site are important in the times by interpreting her in various perspectives such as mythology and feminism.      

[Research activities] 

I am qualified for 3D Imagining and Modeling for Classics and Cultural Heritage by completing the Summer School held at the University of London 2022.  

I was a curator of a special project at Laing Art Gallery “(S)he”.  

I am a student member of the Hellenic Society and the Korean Society of British History. 



[Research Background] 

I graduated from Newcastle University in England with an MA of Art Museum and Gallery Studies. 

My dissertation titled “Museum Visitor Increase and Virtual Reality: The Cast Study of Mat Collishaw – Thresholds” at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery”.  

I was also educated at the Information Studies at the University of Glasgow.   

I studied at the National Chung-buk University, from where I hold a barchelor degree in Archaeology and Art History.