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Updates and  snippets relating to NP will be posted here from time to time. These will highlight a particular issue or item relating to NP.
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Blog post #8 Blurred lines local and neighbourhood plans (July 2019)

Blurred lines: local and neighbourhood plans and uncertainty in meeting housing needs by Edward Dade - author of the All ...
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Blog post #7 50 years of Skeffington and NP (March 2019)

Neighbourhood Planning 50 years on from the Skeffington Report Dr Matt Wargent, University of Reading The University of Reading recently ...
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Blog post #6 Best Laid Plans… (Jan 2019)

The best laid plans: How far do neighbourhood plans influence decision-making? Guest blog by Andy Yuille, Lancaster University Neighbourhood planning ...
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Blog post #5 Neighbourhood Plans and the positive allocation of housing sites (October 2018)

Guest blog by: Chris Bowden, Director of Navigus Planning So, it is official…the new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF 2) ...
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Blog post #4 ‘So you think its all over’. Implementation and updating of Neighbourhood Plans (June 2018)

 #4 "So you think its all over." Implementation and updating of Neighbourhood Plans.  With a nod to the World cup ...
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Blog #3 Duty to Support: clarity? (March 2018)

#3, Duty to Support: clarity? The February blogpost highlighted the important role Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) play in neighbourhood planning ...
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Blog #2 Local Authority responses to NP (February 2018)

#2, Local Authority responses to Neighbourhood Planning The Local Planning Authority (LPA) has an important role to play in neighbourhood ...
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Blog #1 NP examination guidance (December 2017)

#1 NP Examination guidance expected soon [by Gavin Parker] We have been drawing attention to the difficulties that NP groups ...
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Website under construction

New web resource with exclusive content Bear with us as we add content and refine the  site. This is an ...
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Neighbourhood Planning HIVE – June 6th 2018

Neighbourhood Planning HIVE:  University of Reading 6th June 2018 Meadow Suite, Whiteknights Campus, University of Reading 6th June 2018 the ...
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