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Neighbourhood Planning Research and Influence at Reading

The University of Reading has developed a strong reputation for research and impact around community engagement in planning. In particular in understanding issues and difficulties surrounding Neighbourhood Planning.

This site was established in late 2017 to act as a central resource for users interested in neighbourhood planning. The site includes many of the outputs produced by researchers at Reading led by Professor Gavin Parker and his research associates. These include numerous accessible pieces that include advice and insight for those directly involved in neighbourhood planning as well as other links and items located elsewhere and produced by other scholars and support organisations. We also operate a blog page here and  are open to offers to contribute.

The site is maintained by Gavin, assisted by Kat Salter and Mark Dobson.

If there are items or ideas that you feel would add value to the site; please do let us know.

neighbourhoodplanning@reading.ac.uk or g.parker@reading.ac.uk


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