Research papers

Research based papers

Different types of articles and papers have been published on neighbourhood planning. Some are aimed at a more academic audience (but often have a greater analytical content), some are oriented to a practice audience. We list and  link to a selection of both broad types – as well as creating some short synopses or overviews to break down the  issues and  challenges on the research briefs page.

Papers (available on request)

  • Lee, C.Parker, G.  Buckner, S.Mattocks, C.Barnes, A.Oliver, E.Cowan, A. and Lafortune, L. (2021) Neighbourhood planning, rural ageing and public health policy in England: a case of policy myopia? Town Planning Review. ISSN 1478-341X (ask for a copy)
  • Parker, G. (2021) Neighbourhood planning and the basis for reform. The Clerk, 52 (1). pp. 10-12.
  • Parker, G.Dobson, M.Lynn, T. and Salter, K. (2020) Entangling voluntarism, leisure time and political work: the governmentalities of neighbourhood planning in England. Leisure Studies, 39 (5). pp. 644-658.
  • Wargent, M. and Parker, G. (2018)  Re-imagining Neighbourhood Governance: the  future of neighbourhood planning England. Town Planning Review, 89: pp.379-402.
  • Parker, G. and Salter, K. (2017) Taking stock of neighbourhood planning in England 2011-2016. Planning Practice and Research.  32 (4): pp. 478-490.
  • Parker, G., Lynn, T. and Wargent, M. (2017) Contestation and conservatism in neighbourhood planning in England. Reconciling agonism and collaboration? Planning Theory and Practice, 18(3): pp.446-465.
  • Parker, G., Salter, K. and Hickman, H. (2016) Caution: examinations in progress – the operation of neighbourhood plan examinations in England. Town and Country Planning, 85(12): 516-522.
  • Parker, G. and Salter, K. (2016) Five years of neighbourhood planning – a review of take-up and distribution. Town & Country Planning, 85(5): 181-188.
  • Alexander, D. and Parker, G. (2015) Neighbourhood planning: a work in progress. Town and Country Planning, 84(10): 440-444.
  • Parker, G., Lynn, T. and Wargent, M. (2015) Sticking to the script? The co-production of Neighbourhood Planning in England. Town Planning Review, 86(5): 519-536.
  • Parker, G. and Street, E. (2015) Planning at the neighbourhood scale: localism, dialogic politics and the modulation of community action. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, 33(4): 794-810.
  • Parker, G., Lynn, T. and Wargent, M. (2014) User experience of neighbourhood planning in England. Report. Locality, London.
  • Parker, G. (2014) ‘Engaging neighbourhoods: experiences of transactive planning with communities in England’, in Gallent, N. and Ciaffi, D. (eds.) Community action and planning: contexts, drivers and outcomes. Policy Press, Bristol.
  • Parker, G. and Murray, C. (2012) Beyond tokenism? Community-led planning and rational choices: findings from participants in local agenda-setting at the neighbourhood scale in England. Town Planning Review, 83(1): 1-28. ISSN 1478-341X
  • Parker, G. (2012) Neighbourhood Planning: precursors, lessons and prospects. Journal of Planning & Environment Law, 40: OP139, pp.21
  • Mace, A. and Tewdwr-Jones, M. (2017) ‘Neighbourhood planning, participation and rational choice’, Journal of Planning Education and Research.




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