Associate Professor

School: Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy

Department: Pharmacy

Expertise: open hardware, open labware, Open Source software, healthcare, life sciences

About me

With a background in immunology combined with biochemical engineering, I am an interdisciplinary researcher. I aim to solve current and future healthcare challenges using an engineering science approach integrating biology, biochemistry, chemistry and physics. I work at the interface between academic technology discovery and industrial development and have experience of both fundamental research and the commercialisation of new technology.

My interest in Open Research stems from the emerging field of Open Source hardware for life sciences. Biomedical scientists often re-discover the joy of ‘home building’ experimental equipment and laboratory instruments. Open hardware (and accompanying software) has great potential in healthcare and biomedical science to underpin research reproducibility, expand access to laboratory instrumentation, and ensure the latest technology is rapidly adopted into applications that benefit public health. For example, smartphone camera technology can be used to build microbiology instrumentation, making use of low-cost high-performance digital camera modules.


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