Senior Research Fellow 

School: Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Science 

Department: Archaeology 

Interests: data management, open data curation, Open Access publishing, materials analysis, network analysis, museum archives; stakeholder consultation 

About me

My research focuses on the analysis of new and archival archaeological datasets to examine networks of people and materials in the Middle East, applying materials and network analysis to assemblages of clay and stone artefacts. For the ERC-funded MENTICA project, as Senior Research Fellow, I manage data flow and compliance with the Open Research Data Pilot across six integrated work packages, working at new sites in Iraq and Iran spanning the Epipalaeolithic to the Early Neolithic, and oversee archiving of raw data and publications in data repositories including the Archaeology Data Service and Zenodo. Working with Roger Matthews and Wendy Matthews, I am co-investigator on a project developing Open Access resources to support the development of heritage and eco-tourism at sites in Iraqi Kurdistan. 


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