Postgraduate Researcher

School: Agriculture, Policy and Development

Interests: public policy analysis, collaborative environmental governance, stakeholder empowerment, sustainability transitions, workshop organisation, workshop facilitation, public outreach, Open Access publishing, website design, qualitative data, participatory research

About me

My PhD project aims to examine how we can govern agricultural innovation and transition in a way that ensures that both the process and its outcomes are sustainable, socially just, and legitimate. My wider research interests include governance of sustainability transitions, collaborative environmental governance, policy analysis, stakeholder participation, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. I am involved in different aspects of our School’s life, organising and facilitating fortnightly seminars where PhD students and faculty members can share their work and exchange ideas, and co-organising the 2021 joint PhD conference of the Departments of Applied Economics and Marketing and International Development.

I believe that research can contribute to solving some of the main problems that societies are facing, but only if this research is done collaboratively with the people who are affected. I work passionately to make my research more accessible and to help others to do the same.


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