Postgraduate Researcher

School: Biological Sciences

Interests: quantitative reviews of useful plants, Open Access publishing, data sharing, Open Source programming languages, R, Python, data analysis, data cleaning, data dissemination, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), geospatial analysis, mapping, molecular DNA assembly, sequence analysis, sequence annotation, Geneious Prime, NOVOPlasty Fast-Plast, phylogenetic trees, Bayesian analysis, palaeoclimatic models

About me

My PhD research is an interdisciplinary project which combines plant phylogenetics with palaeoclimatology to determine the effects of past climatic events on Narcissus (daffodil) evolution and distributional patterns using palaeoclimatic models, molecular phylogenies and species distribution models. My project will both generate and utilise pre-existing molecular data, with data obtained from field expeditions, living collections from several institutions and GenBank (a freely accessible online genetic sequence database). The project will also construct species distribution models for daffodil species through R packages using occurrence and climatic data acquired from online data aggregators, Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) and WorldClim. This will increase our understanding of daffodil distributional patterns in relation to past climatic events and may provide insights into potential species responses to anthropogenic climatic change. Further habitat and occurrence data collected during field expeditions will be shared with the relevant authorities of protected areas to aid conservation and local research efforts.


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