Project summary

UN peacekeeping operations conduct invaluable work in protecting civilians, peacebuilding and state-building around the world. Yet a small minority of individual UN peacekeepers commit sexual offences that harm the very people they were sent to protect. And this problem has persisted for decades. Our project tackles one thematic issue of peacekeeper sexual exploitation and abuse – safeguarding children in peacekeeping operations.

Using interdisciplinary research methods and conducted with a network of civil society organisations within host countries and troop-contributing countries, and with the UN and member states, we have developed a robust method for safeguarding children in peacekeeping operations.

This website showcases the research undertaken in Liberia, where in 2002 Save the Children exposed widespread sexual exploitation and abuse by international actors including UN peacekeeping personnel.

Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and by the British Academy.

Past event

Peacekeeper or Perpetrator? Safeguarding children from sexual abuse event - Monday 6 November 2017, 16:00-18:00

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