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Our most popular papers of 2019

Which Reading research publications got the most attention across the globe in 2019? We’ve scoured Altmetric data to bring you the top ten most talked about Reading-authored papers of the past year.


Uncovering the full picture of the UK’s food poverty issue

An estimated 8.4 million people in the UK struggle to get enough to eat and rely on food hand-outs, according to the UN. Volunteering at a community kitchen inspired PhD student Sabine Mayeux to investigate how they are addressing food poverty in the UK. She talked to Sarah Harrop about her research.

Growing up in Indonesia, Sabine Mayeux witnessed poverty from a young age and has always wanted to do something about it.

During her postgraduate degree in London she found herself struggling to make ends meet while she balanced study with minimum wage jobs and high rent, and discovered a community kitchen called Foodcycle.

“I had to rely on community kitchens to eat during some of my studies – they are actually very popular among students and other low income groups,” she explains.


How to design a forest fit to heal the planet

Reforestation is an important part of tackling climate change, and if done well, it can support biodiversity and human wellbeing too, says the Walker Institute’s Dr Heather Plumpton in a new post for The Conversation.


About drought

Given recent floods in Yorkshire you might think that drought isn’t a worry for the UK – but even during extreme wet weather we must conserve water. So concluded the £12m Drought and Water Scarcity Research programme which wrapped up last month. Here we look at one of its Reading-led projects.


Celebrating 100 years of women in Parliament

On 28 November 1919, Nancy Astor was elected to Parliament, becoming the first female MP to take her seat. A century on, a train named in her honour took VIP passengers to Nancy’s former Plymouth constituency where a new statue was unveiled. Here we tell the story of the day’s events in tweets and audio clips from the historic journey.


RBS’s Bó: the fightback against Monzo and Revolut is about much more than market share

Could the advent of digital-only banks mean the end of the high street banking? Professor Brian Scott-Quinn from Henley Business School writes for The Conversation.


Reading climate experts gather at COP25

UN climate change conference COP25 is underway in Madrid, and our climate scientists and students are there. Here we round up the University of Reading’s activities at the most significant annual event in the climate policy calendar.


Dopamine fasting: an expert reviews the latest craze in Silicon Valley

Dr Ciara McCabe, our specialist on the brain’s reward system, looks at the latest craze for ‘dopamine fasting’ and separates fact from fiction in a new post for The Conversation.


In pictures: Pelican books by design

Professor Paul Lickiss talks us through some striking cover designs from a new exhibition of Pelican books – the non-fiction imprint of Penguin from 1937 to 1989.