Git and GitLab@UoR

Git and GitLab@UoR

The objective of this video course is to introduce the basics of the Git file tracking system and show how it can be used in conjunction with GitLab@UoR to create a backup repository. It is not exhaustive and is designed to get you going. Full details can be found on the GitLab help pages.

Main objectives of course:

  • Understand the Git command system.
  • Understand the meaning of the return messages from commands.
  • Show how Git displays a history of changes.
  • Generate SSH keys and export them to GitLab.
  • Show how a local directory can be backed up and track using the GitLab repository.


      1. A basic knowledge of command line computing or our Unix Basics course.
      2. An account with GitLab@UOR.

Course Content

Link to Git Video Pt 1

1.Git and Git Lab part 1

Using Git as a file change tracker: track changes to files in a local directory by using the GIt  command system

Using the GitLab repository at UOR to backup files

2.Git and Git Lab part 2

Using the GitLab: leads on from Part 1 to show how the GitLab repository at UOR can backup and restore local files.