We are pleased to invite you to the online launch of our new report: The role of energy demand reduction in achieving net-zero in the UK.

Date and time: 6 Oct, 2021 at 3-4pm.

The report provides the most comprehensive assessment to date of the role of reducing energy demand to meet the UK’s net-zero climate target. John Barrett, of CREDS, will present the key findings of the report, followed by a panel discussion with Chris Stark (CEO at Committee on Climate Change); Rebecca Willis (independent researcher) and Caterina Brandmayr (Head of Climate Policy at Green Alliance).

The authors of the report argue that meeting carbon budgets aligned with net-zero by 2050 without substantial reductions in energy demand is extremely difficult and undesirable. Without reducing energy demand, all GHG emission reductions would need to be delivered through decarbonisation of energy supply and engineered Carbon Dioxide Removal technologies.

The UK could more than halve its energy demand by 2050, making a substantial contribution to global and UK climate goals. Existing policy instruments would only reduce energy demand by 5% by 2050.

For more details and to register please visit our Eventbrite page.  A link will be sent to all those who register nearer to the event date.