On Saturday 6th November, Dr Timur Yunusov and Dr Mehdi Shahrestani attended the COP26 event in Reading. Members of the public were able to ask them both questions regarding approaches to reducing energy consumption and energy-related CO2 emissions from homes as well as decarbonisation and heating systems. It was an interesting experience, some of those who came to ask questions, were interested and keen to make a positive contribution. However, they found that they could not find a practical way for insulation and airtightness of buildings, especially in old Victorian buildings. Lack of expertise and incentive in these areas was the main point that came across from participants. In addition, there was very limited understanding of the approaches for decarbonisation of heating systems in buildings and what can be done in rented properties.

At the end of the event, the feedback gathered was shared with the organisers, and it was agreed to have another public event especially focusing on the decarbonisation of heating and reducing energy demand in buildings.