Since 2019 Professor Jacopo Torriti has been a Member of the Strategic Advisory Group, Energy Smart Appliances (British Standards Institute).

BSI has just published two new PAS standards for energy smart appliances that will support the transition to a flexible and low CO2 energy system. These smart appliances will transform the demand for electricity, by making it more responsive to match the short-term availability of renewable energy. This will empower consumers to actively manage demand and make an important contribution to the UK’s progress towards net zero.

The standards were sponsored by BEIS and the Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles (OZEV) and developed with extensive involvement from industry stakeholders. They will enable the manufacturing and use of energy smart appliances to be stable, secure and interoperable

PAS 1878 specifies the requirements and criteria that an electrical appliance needs to meet in order to perform and be classified as an energy smart appliance (ESA).

PAS 1879 sets out a common definition of demand side response (DSR) services for organizations operating within the consumer electricity sector and provides recommendations to support the operation of ESAs.

To get your free copy of each standard please click on the links below: